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rom movie screens to mobile devices, most consumers see well over a hundred media-based advertisements every day. As the marketing landscape becomes pervasively digital, it can be pretty easy for even the most well-crafted message to fade into the noise. Experiential marketing (also called “Engagement Marketing”) helps activate new fans through in-person, interactive displays and participatory marketing. Experiential marketing looks to go beyond the screen and recruit customers to be an active part of your story, creating a much deeper connection to your product, brand, and message.

An experiential marketing professional using augmented reality devise to explore experiential marketing opportunities for clients.

1205 strategists will work with you to deliver an experiential marketing concept that aligns your brand’s message with the customers you’re trying to capture.


We’ll oversee the web of planning and logistics behind your campaign, ensuring that it’s implemented and measured correctly across each market.


We’ll work to build pre and post campaign hype and sharing by leveraging integrated marketing capabilities like public relations and multimedia content.


Our business intelligence team will draw up unique methodologies  for measuring the success of your campaign and its effect on the bottom line.

Our Approach to Experiential Marketing Services

Experiential from 1205 Marketing provides a unique opportunity to capture and own a couple of minutes of your customer’s life by connecting your message to a story that they can share with family and friends. When we build experiential marketing campaigns, we’re looking deliver your call to action in a fun and compelling way.

1205 dreams up unique and engaging interactive brand experiences that leave your audience with more than just an impression. If you can dream it, we can do it.  If you’re looking to give your customers a real-time taste of how your product works or what it feels like, experiential marketing may be one of the most unique and memorable ways to engage your fan base.

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