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Digital Marketing

With over a trillion URL’s, the web can be a crowded place. In order to stand out on the topics that are most important to you, it’s vital that you understand what search engines are looking for and how to deliver it. SEO is the practice of optimizing a website’s architecture, content, and reputation so as to make it  more discoverable for those interested in learning more about your product or idea.

SEO professional working on desktop computer at office desk.

1205 will work to build a profile of your entire digital footprint, detailing what you’re currently being found on and potential keywords and phrases you want to target.


We’ll pair you with content specialists to create a search strategy that defines a path to reaching your goal through content development and optimization.


Our SEO team will ensure that your web properties are search engine friendly, helping you optimize site speed, markup, architecture, user experience, and more.


We’ll empower you to keep growing with organic search engine rankings and analytics that tell how your brand is performing on your most valuable keywords and phrases.

Our Approach to SEO Services

The integrated approach to SEO means we go beyond the website and work to optimize your entire digital footprint for discovery; that starts with subject matter authority. Our first step is to develop a profile of those core concepts that drive the highest conversions for your organization and create a targeted omnichannel strategy to get you discovered there.

From technical SEO, including high functioning websites – mobile friendly and designed for speed, to content engines that drive users with high searcher intent, our goal is to build expertise and leverage it to drive traffic. 1205 can help you put the pieces together with SEO audits, new websites, specific campaigns, or monthly upkeep. We help businesses get found online.