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Visual design brings together the study of digital aesthetics and functionality; in other words, how easy websites and applications are to understand, navigate and use. As the digital experience matures – from desktop to mobile and even into virtual reality – the importance of these fundamental design principles will grow exponentially and becoming a key differentiator online.

A visual design professional working on sketches for upcoming design releases. With vase of plants on left of computer monitor.

Define the audience and build a compelling storyline that will drive customers to take action on your website, application, or digital experience.


Plot the user experience by detailing how visitors will engage your story online – from hand drawn sketches to high fidelity prototypes.


Work with professional front and back end developers to implement your visual design perfectly across all the devices customers find you.


Improve performance by monitoring how visitors engage with you online. through interactive heat mapping, user feedback, and A/B testing.

Our Approach to Visual Design Services

Great visual design is about more than just looking good. It means that your brand is represented well over all of the platforms, channels, and devices where consumers now engage your brand. 1205 builds beautifully crafted online experiences that ensure fans enjoy their journey as much as its aesthetic.

Whether you’re trying to increase conversion rates with optimization and testing, going for a full site overhaul, or just want to get the 30,000 ft view of your current user experience, our team can make it simple and easy to understand. Our visual design experts will walk you through each stage of your project, explaining our recommendations and setting up multi-variant testing so you can continue improving far into the future.

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