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Video is one of the most powerful components in today’s content marketing ecosystem. Motion graphics combine  video content with custom animation and illustrations to deliver highly actionable content that’s doing more than delivering your message though. It’s altering the way information is consumed and providing additional dimension to previously complicated topics, from public policy to business.

Professional creating motion graphics for clients using a digital sketch pad.

Work with our video and motion graphics professionals to scope a compelling story line that amplifies your intent and drives engagement.


Create static mood boards in order to define the visual style of your animations and how they work to communicate your message.


Begin fining tune your animation’s speed, colors, context, and style to ensure alignment through a mutli-stage draft process.


Receive a finalized version of your video with motion graphics, for use in websites, social media, applications and other marketing materials.

Our Approach to Motion Graphics Services

Video is on the rise and motion graphics are a great way to turn otherwise flat b-roll or stock footage into polished multimedia content. Our approach leans heavily on storytelling as the root of motion graphics work and we plan accordingly, working to understand your value propositions and build a compelling call to action.

1205 offers professional illustrators and post production facilities. We’ll deliver work in standard formats (up to 4k)  for use on websites and applications as well as live presentations, social media, or email marketing. Motion graphics services are also offered as part of our multimedia content products and may include everything from social shorts to long format pitch videos.

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