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Design Services

Visual storytelling is one of the most important investments any brand can make. Graphic design, consisting mostly of static visual elements, and commonly used to communicate a message, instill an idea, or create familiarity is an indispensable tool for impactful visual storytelling . Great graphic designs say a lot about who you are, so ensuring that each message is finely tuned and perfectly aligned with your voice is fundamental.

Professional engaging in graphic design by gathering information from webpages and working on creating graphics. Also using macbook for deeper research and assets.

We’ll gather information about the goals for your design and build a creative brief that describes your tone, style, and informational flow.


1205 will create rough drafts concepts sketches and give you an opportunity to provide feedback on our work, including direction and organization.


You’ll have an opportunity to fine tune your messaging. We’ll help guide you on messaging, including best practice for calls to action and value props.


After finalizing, we’ll send finished vector graphics files directly to your inbox, cut to size and ready for use in whatever format you need them.

Our Approach to Graphic Design Services

1205 uses the latest design tools and concepts to build powerful images that inform, educate, and entertain. We believe strongly that every design serves two functions – moving users to take action and leaving an impression about your brand’s wider story. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways we can use great design to drive a clearer narrative about your organization.

Our in-house creative team has a broad range of experience utilizing graphic design to drive engagement and deliver brand recognition. From time-tested layouts that build trust, to outside-the-box social media content that emphasizes creativity and youth, our team can help you further define and deliver relevant visual assets and collateral.

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