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Multimedia content is a method of combining visually based mediums, such as copy writing, design, photography, video, and even augmented and virtual realities, to help communicate a message about your brand’s products services, and expertise. Multimedia content can be used in stand alone messaging or as part of a larger storytelling experience that aligns customer and brand values.

Mutimedia professionals discussion camera shots in front of professional DSLR camera on tripod.

The multimedia planning process begins with a comprehensive project plan including creative brief, storyboard, shot list, and production schedule.


Our team will ensure that everything is ready for your shoot. From studio time to videographers, camera assistants to high-quality cameras, lighting, and sound.


We’ll be on set with you managing production and ensuring that we capture the right content in a way that looks and sounds great.


The 1205 production team will apply post production edits, giving your multimedia content a professional fit and finish.

Our Approach to Multimedia Content Services

As the media landscape evolves, so too will the need for brands to use it more strategically. That means that using stories to drive engagement across platforms, channels, and devices will become, at once, trickier, yet even more necessary. We pride ourselves at being on the forefront of ways to deliver these stories in a way that achieves your business goals.

Using multimedia content effectively means knowing how to leverage each format to connect with and engage your audience with compelling narratives. 1205’s approach leverages a deeply rooted communications and brand development expertise with a core team of writers, photographers, videographers, and even developers, to help deliver powerful, unique, and concise multimedia messaging that connects with viewers and drives them to take action.