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Content Marketing

The objective of influencer marketing is to find and leverage trusted voices within your target market to help drive brand recognition and organic word of mouth about your products. Content is generally created by the partner with the intention of positively endorsing or recommending your product to those with same or similar interests.

Influencer marketing in process with influencer at photoshoot featuring a product promotion.

1205 will build a target customer profile, working to understand what type of content your audience most often engages with and why.


We’ll generate a strategic list of influencers in your space who have demonstrated reach and vet them for alignment with your brand and message.


Our team will manage the entire influencer marketing process, including outreach, negotiations, follow through, and analytics.


We’ll provide regular data about how each influencer is being engaged, including the dollar value of your outreach vs other platforms.

Our Approach to Influencer Marketing Services

Influencer marketing isn’t a new phenomenon but the way we use it has changed quite a bit in recent years. From highly targeted micro influencers to highly influential celebrity voices, 1205 works to find the right fit for your brand, message, and voice.

Our team will scope candidates based on dozens of factors, not just their reach. These include geographic audience, quality of engagement, most successful type of content and many others. Our process involves working closely with influencer to deliver on-brand content that expands your audience and delivers new fans.

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