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Content strategy offers today’s most successful organizations the ability to plan, target, distribute, and measure the impact of their overall content marketing efforts. A well-crafted strategy allows for the development of synchronized omnichannel messaging in a way that enables brands to drive more value out of their efforts and grow the bottom line.

Two content strategists discuss strategy while sitting on light blue sofa with large plant next to them.

1205 builds in-depth audience profiles that help determine the best potential subjects, mediums and platforms for engaging your customers.


Our team will work with you to explore which stories your audience is likely to engage with and build the funnels and workflows necessary to gain traction.


1205 content strategists will organize your materials into an editorial calendar that helps you make sense of your publishing strategy and campaign initiatives.


1205 will generate traffic data and insights that tells a story about how many people your campaign reached and how they engaged your call to action.

Our Approach to Content Strategy Services

Using content strategy to build engagement for any brand is half what you create and half, how you use it. Integrated content strategy from 1205 works on both fronts. Getting started with an understanding of your audience, goals, and capabilities, we work backwards to create an in-depth profile of your customers and all of the platforms, channels, and devices where they spend time.

Once we understand when and where to reach your audience, the 1205 team will build a custom tailored marketing mix that leverages multimedia content including video, custom graphics, photography, social media “stories”, and more to drive the  conversation. From keyword and market research to publishing and analytics, our process is meant to help you deliver the type of engaging stories about your business that drives advocacy.

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