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Communications Services

Taking charge of the conversation around your brand is critical. Public relations services help to shape each story and get it into the hands of the media outlets where it will have the most impact. In addition to getting the word out about news or noteworthy developments at your organization, earned media can create and maintain goodwill, boost awareness, or drive buzz within a specific industry.

Public Relations professional reading newspaper and seeking strategies to boost public perception of a brand.

The first step is a comprehensive discovery process. We’ll work to understand what you’re trying to accomplish and who the intended audience.


We’ll shape both the message and target list according to your goals, building press materials and distributing them via release or wire.


Our public relations team will follow up with personal pitching putting a face to the name and becoming a personal resource for target publications.


We’ll provide reporting about our work including the total reach of our campaign, number of conversations, and success rate.

Our Approach to Public Relations Services

1205 takes a probative approach to public relations work that generates powerful results. Based on a deep understanding of your organization’s unique story, we develop hyper-targeted messaging strategies and blend them with integrated content, digital, and even out of home services to generate critical mass around your brand.

Our goal isn’t just to get a story or publication, but to drive the narrative that powers your business, building awareness and shaping public opinion. Our approach to PR means that your customers get a multi-layer message, more likely to sway their opinion or drive their next purchasing decision.