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Communications Strategies for Every Stage of Business.

Social, online, print, and television media are all key distribution points in today’s hyper-saturated communications ecosystem. You use them daily, both to shape the conversation around your brand and let the world know about its most exciting new developments. That means it’s more important than ever to make sure your communications strategy is built for whatever’s next.

Communications services from 1205 focus proactively on embedded public relations and media management strategies. We offer the tools and documentation you’ll need to start a successful conversation with the people and outlets that matter the most to you and help you leverage them in a way that grows your organization’s goodwill.


Recent Communications Projects

What to Know About Communications Services from 1205

Our team offers over 20 years of successful experience in professional communications services. From new product launches to crisis and reputation management, 1205 understands communications strategies boasts a history of helping some of the most successful brands on the planet get the word out about their most important news and announcements.

1205 is the communications partner of choice for growing mid-marketing organizations. Whether we’re delivering a one time press release, acting as an adjunct to your existing infrastructure or building your entire communications services department from scratch, we can help you shape a public relations strategy that works. Our team delivers  real-time comms strategy that works to deliver a targeted message across all the places your customers spend time.

Branding Builds Relationships that Last a Lifetime

Integrated Communications Services

The world is getting smaller and today, public opinion is more often managed through the comments section section than press conferences. Where the news cycle is used to be measured in weeks, brands now have mere minutes to respond. Integrated communication strategy offers a framework for brands to realistically plan for and navigate today’s evolving public relations ecosystem. We help organizations take control of the conversation and manage your brand’s narrative over all the places they now spend time.