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In today’s brand conscious environment, your customers are more selective about who they do business with than ever before. That’s why it pays to invest not only in what your brand looks like, but how it’s applied. Brand strategy offers us an opportunity to build a better road map for consumer advocacy. It helps businesses leverage consumer insights to better position their brand for success.

Professional presenting brand strategy on white board in front of team.

Tell us about your target audience. We’ll interview key stakeholders at your organization and conduct market research to develop a complete customer profile.


Our team will pull a full spectrum of business sector data including information about key competitors and general market conditions in order to differentiate your brand.


We’ll draft a comprehensive documentation that includes details on the work we’ve done to define your buyer personas, competitive market, and core value propositions.


1205 will deliver a finished brand strategy document – one that can be used to develop a strategic understanding of your brand objectives both internally and externally.

Our Approach to Brand Strategy Services

Developing a successful brand strategy begins with a keen understanding of your customers, competition, and marketplace. 1205’s integrated branding approach uses a variety of tools, from industry data to individual testimonials in order to create a rich 360° profile of your target buyers. When we know who your customers are, we can develop a more complete picture of what they’re looking for in a brand like yours.

Once we understand what’s motivating your customer, we work to align your messaging  with their core values through an internally facing strategy doc. Your strategy doc should be used in follow up brand identity and development work and to inform core aspects of  what your brand looks, sounds, and feels like across marketing channels.

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