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Brand identity refers to the logos and other brand and word marks through which customers will come to recognize your business. Identity does more than make you memorable though. It symbolizes the quality of your services and your unique approach to delivering them. A well-crafted brand identity is the cornerstone of trust and empowers customers to take ownership in your brand.

Professionals working on brand identity and identifying key fonts they can use for clients gathered from news papers and magazines.

The brand identity process starts with an in-depth discovery session. We’ll work to learn more about your organization and what’s driving its key visual concepts.


1205 designers will encapsulate these ideas and influences in a number of visual styles, including rough drafts of your various word and brand marks.


We’ll produce full-color digitized copies of your favorites styles, providing color pallet, font, and sizing variations and narrow again to a single finished version. 


We’ll provide you with a completed style guide detailing your brand’s visual components, asset pack, completed vector images at various sizes.

Our Approach to Brand Identity Services

1205’s approach to brand identity is deeply rooted in the belief that logos don’t earn customers; they keep them coming back. That’s why we focus on developing a broad visual identity for our clients – one that’s rooted in unique illustrative styling, including colors, fonts, patterns, and more.   

Our team works with industry leading design software to deliver vector illustrations that look great across every platform, channel, and device your business uses. In addition to delivering custom logos, brand identity projects include a short style guide as well as  in web and print-ready assets for use in future marketing materials.

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