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Brand development helps organizations determine how their core identity drives customer engagement. Generally consisting of components like a business’ mission, vision, promise, et al, the development process allows them to ensure that their voice aligns with their target customers’ own values. While logo and identity form the core visual components of your brand, development helps shape what those visual components will come to represent for future buyers.

Business professional working on brand development for clients using mobile phone to extract useful data for his brainstorming board in front of him.

The brand development process starts with a collaborative deep dive. We’ll work to define broad concepts relating to your business’ core concepts and goals.


1205 will develop an expanded editorial map of your strategy – a brand framework that describes how these elements play out across your organization.


We’ll deliver a draft document that defines elements of your brand including mission, vision, values, brand promise, BHAG, value propositions, and more.


1205 will codify this work into a fully finished ‘brand book’ ties visual and editorial branding together and acts as a guide for how your brand engages the world.

Our Approach to Brand Development Services

The 1205 approach to branding is rooted in evangelism. When customers feel like you represent their most centrally held beliefs they’re more likely to talk about and share your business. By working to align your brand’s core messaging and values, we help you nurture engagement and generate word of mouth over all of the places you now do business.

Integrated brand development means that we’re not just building an esoteric rule book to shape future marketing collateral. We use your most closely held values to create a 360° philosophy that will help shape your approach to social media, customer service, business development efforts, public relations, and more. Brand development from 1205 does more than tell customers who you are. It lets them know if you’re the kind of company they want to keep.

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