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Winery eCommerce Marketing Case Study.

Charles Krug, one of the largest and most popular wineries in America, is an award winning vintner with current sales in over 40 countries. The company’s direct to consumer eCommerce business is a big part of their growth strategy over the next ten years and they wanted to invest in maximizing the channel with cutting edge technology.

As part of that decision the company required an upgrade to their existing DTC infrastructure – a move that would simultaneously force a change to their entire eCommerce platform. The process meant migrating their entire portfolio and reskinning important aspects of their online store, including shopping, cart, and checkout pages, as well as club program signup process, and account pages.


eCommerce is experience driven and more like retail than most people think.

To accomplish this, 1205 Marketing teamed up with bLoyal, a loyalty marketing and direct-to-consumer software developer in the wine space. While bLoyal handled the loyalty program infrastructure, the 1205 team worked to skin each part of the eCommerce portals visual aesthetic and write the code to make it work flawlessly.

As the new DTC software was being installed, our team worked to refine Krug’s goals for the site. In addition to replicating their existing eCommerce framework on the WooCommerce platform, they requested a variety of custom add ons, including modal age verification popups, language definitions, custom search functionality, and more

Discover, Experience, Optimize

Our team brought several other SEO driven features to the table including web snippet functionality markup, and H-Recipe microdata that would make their products more discoverable in today’s competitive eCommerce environment.

This short project lasted eight weeks and was completed to the client’s satisfaction. The combination of more readily discovered products, an easy to understand shopping experience, and the ability to generate increased customer lifetime value with loyalty and  club program management helped the business increase online sales and grow their fan base.

A white iphone with a Charles King webpage featuring a picture of the signature wine label and an article of Family Reserve Generations published in 2014.

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