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SaaS Marketing Case Study.

‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) has seen rapid adoption over the last ten years. As cloud-based technologies grow in popularity, developers are racing to build the applications of tomorrow. When it comes to SaaS marketing though growth has led to competition and it’s important to have an established gameplan for getting found.

bLoyal is a B2B SaaS loyal software provider that helps retailers build consumer relationships at scale. The company had a strong subscriber base, but after years refining the back end, were searching for a way to reach a more broadly defined audience that included businesses trying to attract customers in specialty retail, travel, and even finance.


Competition is fierce in the retail technology space and bLoyal needed a brand that would impute trust, ease, and digital fluency.  We started by redeveloping the company’s brand materials. This work included a completely reimagined brand identity represented by new  logos, color palette and font stack.

We wanted to do more than provide assets though. We wanted to give the SaaS company a  visual toolkit for communicating its value propositions across a wide range of marketing collateral. To do this, we developed a brand book; one which acted as a master playbook for future marketing materials including cobranded SaaS marketing activities.

bLoyal logo with white letter b inside large green circle containing dark and lime green colors.

Leveraging an embedded creative team to deliver beautiful SaaS marketing designs.

For  growing organizations, scaling creative can be a huge challenge. Employing a full time designer likely doesn’t make sense, but the organization needs to develop sales and marketing collateral to get the word out. To solve this challenge, 1205’s team of professional creatives embedded directly into bLoyal’s marketing workflow with a monthly creative and design retainer. The solution allowed the company access to consistent design resources that understood their brand and didn’t break the bank.


Building the Digital Funnel

1205 worked to build an omnichannel digital marketing strategy that support the organization’s sales team. Our initial campaign offered a crawl, walk, run approached that expanded its digital footprint, mapping a comprehensive sales funnel and focusing on demand generation activities that created broad awareness of bLoyal as a leader in the consumer loyalty space. 

To carry it out, our digital team used a variety of earned, paid, and shared media, helping bLoyal not only compete, but own the space around highly competitive keywords and phrases.

Our work included


B2B Social Media Marketing

As a SaaS organization selling B2B products for consumer engagement, the company needed to show that it was in touch with both its client’s business needs and as well as the end user. 1205 worked to develop the company’s social channels building an editorial strategy that included relevant content for both online and brick and mortar retailers.

Black smartphone features facebook post from bloyal about winning customer loyalty in the hospitality business.
Black smartphone features instagram feed of bloyal with case study image of bLoyal.
Black smartphone with bLoyal profile feed with many posts featuring images and hashtags.

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