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pecial Olympics Washington (SOWA) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported entirely by individual, corporate and foundation contributions. Athletes participate at no cost to themselves or their families. More than 17,000 athletes participate in SOWA activities, and more than 8,000 volunteers give their time to the organization.met.

SOWA relies on its marketing efforts to increase athlete participation as well as the volunteerism and charitable contributions that fuel its mission. But the organization needed help doing this more effectively, in a way that both respected the needs of the various stakeholders and that remained in keeping with the organization’s overall marketing strategy and standards.

Trust is the single most important asset nonprofit organizations have. Your brand and word marks are important symbols of that trust and the more they’re diluted, the less likely donors and volunteers are to work with you. To help SOWA maintain the organization’s unique relationship with athletes, donors, and sponsors across nine state territories and hundreds of localized groups, 1205 build a brand book defining each component of the SOWA brand in detail.

Hosting four yearly state games another four major fundraising events, sponsor callouts, athlete spotlights and more Special Olympics Washington has never short on stories to tell. Like most organizations without an onsite studio however building high quality video content into the organization’s marketing mix had always been a challenge.

1205 worked with SOWA to create a framework for consistently delivering video content by building it directly into the organization’s editorial calendar. We provided the guidance plan and script each video as well as the talend, equipment, and post production editing capabilities to deliver compelling multimedia content on the organization website as well as through social and email.