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Education Marketing Case Study.

Online education has come a long way since the days of late-night infomercials and mail order degrees. In fact, e-learning has grown into a 300 billion dollar global juggernaut. Flexible online classrooms are not only commonplace, they’ve become an indispensable part of our educational infrastructure. This is especially true in the IT sector  where emerging technologies like AI, Big Data, and Blockchain – mean that ongoing education is no longer an option for many, but a necessity to stay current with rapidly shifting industry standards.

For these IT students and professionals alike, SkillUp Online offers a better approach to staying current  – a learning platform that blends the flexibility of the online ecosystem with a supportive classroom environment. With the increased popularity in educational technology, marketing to and enrolling potential students has gotten more competitive. New brands in the eLearning space need to quickly differentiate their model and convince students that they offer more than just another online course.

Education Marketing Logo

Client: SkillUp Online

Services: Inbound Marketing

Services: Branding, Design, Content, Digital


To help accomplish that, SkillUp needed a great marketing strategy and they chose 1205 as the partner to help them build it. We started with an inbound marketing campaign that would serve to build the company’s digital footprint, develop subject matter expertise, and create a publicly facing voice. The first step however, was building a clear profile of the target audience – what they wanted from a platform like SkillUp Online and how we could build engaging content that inspired them to action.

Working from the client’s existing logo, 1205 used industry research and client interviews to expand the company’s single logo into a full brand book. This brand work represented an important first step in the development of the messaging strategy, visual guidelines, and brand framework – tools  that would be used to help differentiate the brand’s content and guide its online persona.

Education Marketing Strategy

To help reach this target audience, 1205 conducted ongoing keyword research around trending topics in the IT space – specifically those relating to the ways in which IT students and professionals could advance their career and create greater earning potential. Our goal was to gain a toehold in the mind of those IT Students and professionals who may be actively exploring additional IT certificate programs by providing just-in-time information and educational tools to take the next step.


Content Development

In the next step we built an editorial strategy, fleshing out the type, volume, and frequency of content, defining our KPIs and building a workflow. 1205 worked to develop concepts, provide direction to copywriters and designers, and manage ongoing content to completion. Our SEOs optimized each piece ensuring that it reached those people in the company’s target demographic. With our team managing the workflow and checking in at various milestones, it allowed SkillUp Online’s executive team to focus on the development of the platform.

Creative & Design Services

1205’s creative team embedded directly with the company’s other creative assets producing custom graphics and other illustrative design elements for use within the company’s regular blog and case studies, as well as in standalone content. We advised on user experience design strategy helping improve both retention and lead capture rates. Finally, we worked with members of the company’s internal creative team to develop high quality video and motion graphic content.

Figure of professional in black pants and green shirt, observing mapped route on white path with white commentary bubbles on blue background.

Building the Editorial Calendar

Finally, we developed the organization’s editorial calendar using selected content from  SkillUp’s content engines as well as custom creatives like infographics, relevant quotes from company leaders, and industry statistics. As a consumer facing brand in the IT space, on of leadership’s  main concerns was keeping its content approachable. To do this, we placed business case studies alongside organic behind the scenes content that showed the company’s human face and established SkillUp’s voice as a leader in the IT education community.

Editorial Calendar for Skillup Online postings and content schedule. Calendar is populated with promotional content including social media development.