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eCommerce Supplements Marketing Case Study.

If you follow health news, you’ve likely heard of Kratom; it’s a hotly debated herbal extract hailing from Southeast Asia – one that could reshape the medical industry. The herbal supplement has shown to be effective at reducing pain, increasing energy, and even improving focus. Because of that, it’s been widely heralded as a potential solution for everything from chronic migraines to withdrawal from other scheduled substance

Our client, an eCommerce merchant and early competitor in the space had been selling kratom and kava products online for nearly a decade.  Not long ago, the company decided it was time to project a more finished appearance however. The business’ founders wanted a fresh start including a new brand identity, packaging, and website. Their goal was to project a brand that felt inline with similar supplementals in the space and one that offered the best product available.


Marketing Optimized Websites

With a fresh brand materials in hand, we began the discovery process for the company’s small WordPress based website and eCommerce marketplace. The company’s founders had some pretty specific goals; chief among them was ensuring that the property was a comfortable place both to buy and learn more about the Kratom and Kava movements. 

To that end, Divine World wanted to leverage the digital space to talk about their advocacy on behalf of the kratom – from national lobbying and legislation to global sustainable kratom farming initiatives. We helped accomplish that by interweaving educational materials and information about the company’s products with testimonials and other content that helped capture the company’s standards of business and commitment to the customer.

Building a Growth Marketing Engine

In addition to design and development, our team worked to help deliver better discoverability and data storytelling with SEO and advanced ecommerce analytics. The company was soon able to iteratively track how the changes they made to their website impacted sales and therefore how to grow their business.

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