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Comedian Marketing Case Study.

Working as a comic in the entertainment capital of the world means building brand recognition by any means necessary. Once potential fans learn about your unique style and message, you need a consistent place to send them in order to find additional promotional materials, see past performances and start the booking process. That means a unique landing page.

Franklin Marshall III is an LA Based comedian with a big reputation to uphold. As a transplant to the area, the comic built his brand around a unique mix of street art and guerilla marketing. The comic paired local recognition with appearances at well known comedy clubs and regional festivals to build a local cult and following, including a hug social media following.

Client: Franklin Marshall III

Services:Content Marketing Digital Marketing

Services: Multimedia, Website Design & Dev


It was time to take the next step. To do it, he asked 1205 to deliver a unique website that showcased his personality in a fun and engaging way. Specifically, Franklin wanted to showcase his story, including the journey to and connection with LA neighborhoods he had become a unique local fixture of.

Our design called for an infinite scroll landing page designed to unfold like a popup story and setting Franklin in iconic LA landscapes like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Muscle Beach, and more. This parallax design used multiple layers of assets interacting in sync to deliver a feeling of depth and motion.

Multimedia Content

To get started, we needed to build a library of high res photo content. 1205 met Franklin in LA and completed a 1/2 day studio shoot where we captured the comedian posing for various cutouts. We spent the other ½ day in public capturing Franklin’s personality and working with various personas that make up L.A.’s landscape from tourists, to bikers, to street performers.  


With assets in hand, our team got to work building a WordPress based site using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript animation components. The site featured eCommerce, and lead generation capabilities, as well as various media galleries, event calendars and more.

Our goal was to build a site that helped tell Franklin’s story, portrayed him as a top tier comic, and functioned as well for Franklin’s fans as potential business landing page where club and festival managers could see a full collection of Franklin’s content and social media presence.