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Integrated Cannabis Marketing Case Study.

Regulations around cannabis and cannabis-adjacent products like CBD and hemp have begun to loosen dramatically. Cannabis marketing has struggled to keep pace though. Unlike a typical emerging marketplace, methods for introducing new products are slim. To build recognition in the space, merchants have to establish strong word of mouth and driving recognition through point of purchase expertise and suggestive selling.

When the company approached 1205 Marketing, Filter420 had the prototype for a product that would make it healthier for consumers to enjoy pre-rolled joints. From there, all of the brand’s marketing materials including wholesale, retail, and direct-to-consumer collateral, needed to be developed from scratch. 1205 acted as an embedded marketing partner, working from within the company to drive strategy and establish the marketing mix needed to flourish in the cannabis space.

Filter420 logos in different variants organized in a 2x3 rectangle. Some logos incorporate gradients of green however majority are black, white, and dark grey.

Cannabis Marketing Design

Cannabis marketing has come a long way since the days of black light posters and bongs. Modern design elements feel more in sync with consumer technology brands like Apple, LG, and Samsung. To reach the brand’s target audience, we focused on a clean aesthetic that felt modern, and trustworthy, while maintaining the organic nature of cannabis. 


Among the company’s other design requirements, Filter420 needed a way to quickly explain what the product was, how it worked, why it would be profitable for potential sellers, and how it would benefit users.


1205 designed informational one pagers and counter-top leave behinds as well as business cards, pitch decks, and sales emails for outreach to potential buyers in the wholesale and distribution spaces. In addition to building the company’s sales materials, we helped Filter420 drive demand generation with marketing materials like social media content, branded merch, and regular blog content illustrations.

A poster providing information about using the filter420 and how it benefits the consumers. Also provides factoids of info and wholesale pricing chart.

Building Online Word of Mouth

Advertising-restricted industries, like cannabis, present a unique challenge for new brands trying to develop their audience. Influencer marketing helps leverage digital word of mouth to generate broad awareness in look-a-like segments  With this in mind, 1205 planned, built, and executed a six-month micro-influencer campaign, coordinating over a hundred adjacent influencers to help drive critical mass around Filter420, via their own social platforms.

Smartphone with instagram post opened, shows influencer holding filter420 product with active engagement on post.
On white smartphone, a influencer post pictures a white mug of coffee with filter420 product on top with snow background. Lots of social engagement is pictured.
On smartphone, influencer uses filter420 product pictured outside with lots of active engagement.

Seeing is believing and as a new entry to the marketplace this was doubly true for Filter420. The company needed a compelling way, not just to describe, but to show potential users how effective the device was at removing tar from each pre-roll joint. To do it, we turned to the power of video.

1205 planned, shot and edited a 60-second educational time-lapse video that shows how Filter420 works. This content was distributed via the company’s website, social media platforms, and through influencer posts. It helped quickly convey what the product did for buyers as well as generated brand awareness and shared media.

The final component in this initiative was development of a product landing page. With a small budget and short timeline, 1205 took a “right size” approach, creating a streamlined experience that including DTC eCommerce and wholesale order portals as well as product information, benefits, FAQs, and social media feeds.

Filter420 logo, green gradient used for background of logo.

The Results

This integrated cannabis marketing campaign helped Filter420 attract both direct-to-consumer and wholesale customers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The company now partners with six wholesale partners globally and sells across a variety of well known cannabis eCommerce platforms.


Launching a new product in a fiercely restricted marketplace is always a challenge.  1205 used strategic branding, design, digital, and content marketing to drive awareness of a unique new cannabis product globally. Looking to launch your own cannabis marketing initiative?

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