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We are 1205 marketing – an agency dedicated to help growing organizations scale up with on-demand marketing strategy and services.

By embedding directly with our clients, we power their growth with access to a full-stack and easily scalable marketing dept.

We’re looking to build a better model for helping growing companies achieve their potential and avoid the typical scaling trap.

We love watching our partners grow and hope that you’ll love working with us.

Our Story
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1205 Marketing (then Vox Social) was founded as a boutique social agency working to help Seattle area tech startups better utilize content and build stronger, more engaged communities. Working in digital, we’d always been advocates of omnichannel marketing strategies, but often felt they didn’t go far enough to explain the interconnected nature of how both consumers and businesses now learn about, engage, and convert with the brands they love.

We saw many organizations leverage multi-channel marketing techniques, but it was often as uncoordinated or siloed initiatives.  Except for the highest performing enterprise teams (and still sometimes to lackluster effect) integrated marketing strategy and campaigns proved difficult to pull off due to relative expertise and infrastructure. We realized off the bat that the challenge was three fold, marketing, project management, and full-stack creative.

1205 Marketing opened its doors in 2017 as a passion project to expand the conversation about integrated marketing’s role in the post-digital age. We set out to define and build a different kind of agency – one that was structured – from the ground up – to help growing mid-market organization take advantage of these tools and methodology in a way that would be otherwise difficult to replicate.

From BIG PICTURE dreamers to detail oriented thinkers, the 1205 team is made up of over 60 integrated marketing specialists, united by a passion for helping our clients succeed.  Whether you’re looking for an agency that can provide a unique new perspective or a place to start your career, we’d love to meet you.

CEO, Senior Strategist

Rion Haber

VP, Chief Program Manager

Doug McIntyre

Creative Director

Corey Stewart

Director of Content

Sean Majors

Communications Director

Katharine Kemp

Director of Digital Marketing

Jade Gaines

Director of Tech

David Allen

Director of BI

Jennifer Sturgill

Director of Online Strategies

Tevin Anderson

Sn User Experience Manager

Daniela Dimitrova

Director of Operations

Jasmin Jacobs

Director of Social

Nicolette McCary

1205 Integrated Marketing Agency Team

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